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  • The installers assembled my desk according to the architect's directions; however, the architect's had measured it incorrectly, and the installers had to take it apart, move it, reassemble it again so that it would fit in the space. They were very patient and made sure I was satisfied with the new configuration after they finished. I was extremely grateful that they took the time to do their work correctly. In the past, I have been disappointed with numerous vendors who I worked with because they did not do what they had promised. It was refreshing to see that Office Installers Inc. did exactly what they told us they would do.
    Branch Administrator
  • The installers were efficient and on-point. They disassembled the modular furniture and reassembled it in another arrangement with a minimum amount of disruption. I was very pleased with their work.
    Accounting Manager
  • Moving is a stressful project, but there were no surprises and no stress during this move. Everyone worked well and were highly professional.